Bonnie currently resides in Sydney and works as a waitress. Her world starts looking quite black and white when she gets stuck in the same repetitive motions. She tries to add a spoonful of colour into her life by doing something new or adventurous. Her favourite recreational sport is snowboarding and she tries to hit the slopes every winter. She is by no means a pro-adventure junkie. She refers to herself as an adventurous sloth.


Bonnie is currently studying Public Relations but is not ready to enter the corporate world yet. She hopes that she can somehow dodge the 9-5 lifestyle and instead, pursue something that entertains her—travelling.


Enchanted by other destinations and lifestyles, she started preoccupying her spare time researching anywhere and everywhere, learning the history and culture of places along the way. Lifestylust is an adventure blog created by Bonnie Jin.


Bonnie has decided to write the above paragraphs in third person as she thinks it sounds cooler to introduce her blog in this way, but really it probably just makes her a bit of a loser.