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Huashan Mountain in China and the Plank Road to The Sky

December 15, 2018

Labeled the “most dangerous hike in the world” the Plank Road in The Sky was once an unmanned trail.  With no safety gear, visitors would have to quite literally risk their lives to cross the plank road. Although there were no official death statistics, it was rumoured that at least 100 people would lose their lives on Huashan Mountain each year.

However, these days the walk has become a major tourist attraction. Although this trail is not for the faint hearted, the hike is now relatively safe. Workers provide visitors with harnesses and guide them across the trail and back. The Plank Road in The Sky is only one of Huashan’s multiple attractions. Besides the jaw dropping views in every direction, the mountain has plenty to offer with a variety of trails and plenty of attractions to visit.

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To get onto the plank road, adrenaline junkies must first climb down a set of vertical stairs. This part of the trail is just as scary.

You know how people tell you to not look down? Unless you want to slip, it’s probably a good idea to see where you are going which means looking at the steps beneath and into the depths of the valley.

After a short but steep descent, visitors are lead onto the Plank Road in The Sky. The walk across this path only takes 10 minutes. There is also a photo opportunity mid way during the walk for visitors who don’t mind paying for professional photos.

Lines for this trail can be super long in peak season with over an hour wait. Make sure to head to Huashan Mountain early in the morning to avoid huge crowds.

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