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Scenic hike in Blue Mountains National Park

August 30, 2019

Blue Mountains National Park offers a variety of scenic trails. Many first-time visitors make their way near Scenic World when exploring the Blue Mountains, however if you want to get away from the crowds of tourists and still enjoy breathtaking views, this hike might just be what you’re looking for. Pulpit Walking Track offers scenic views for the majority of the way featuring tiny waterfalls, wildflowers, dramatic cliff edge lookouts, and panoramic views of Grose Valley. The duration of the hike is approximately 1.5 hours one way or 3 hours return.

We started from Govetts Leap Lookout, however you can also start at the other end of the trail. It is recommended to start at Govetts Leap Lookout and finish at the awe inspiring Pulpit Rock Lookout as a reward. The trail leads along a cliff top for most of the way providing visitors with sweeping views of the national park. Around twenty minutes into the hike, look out for a fork in the road that is clearly signposted and directs you to turn right, crossing over a small stream. The hike finishes at Pulpit Rock Lookout where there are multi-tiered platforms with benches to take a rest, making it the perfect place to end the trip and absorb the amazing scenery.

It is necessary to wear comfortable and closed shoes as the track features rocky and unpaved paths. To avoid muddy terrain, check the weather beforehand and go on days that have not previously rained the day before. For more information and to check specific trail conditions, click here for the National Parks and Wildlife Service NSW website.

Beginning of the trail from Govetts Leap Lookout

Pretty views of Grose Valley in Blue Mountains National Park

Turn right to continue onto Pulpit Rock Lookout

Make your way across the small stream towards Pulpit Rock Lookout 

Stairs down Pulpit Rock Lookout

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