Jeonju South Korea

Visit Jeonju in Summer to see lotus blossoms

July 27, 2018

If you’re heading over to Jeonju in Summer, make sure to visit Deokjin Park. The city park is regarded as a major landmark and includes a beautiful pond that is overflowing with lotus flowers. A suspension bridge that stretches across the pond, providing visitors with an up-close view of the lotuses.  A traditional pavilion is located at one end of the bridge in case any visitors would like to sit down, relax, and to enjoy some refreshments.

Besides being totally mesmerised by the lotus flowers and watching the dragonflies hover over lily pads, the park has many other family friendly activities. Duck-shaped paddle boats are available for hire for anyone looking to ride in the lake. A musical fountain with a light show also comes to life in the evening. Click here to find out the musical light-show schedule or for more information about the park.

Deokjin Park is open all year round with lotus blossom season occurring from mid July to early August.

I have never seen so many lotuses before in my life

Dragonflies 🙂

A pavilion in Deokjin Park, Jeonju

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